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Hear what parents and students have to say about MgM!


"I take great pleasure in recommending MgM Dance Studio to all those who would like to learn to dance, whether through competition or a regular class just for fun. Owned and operated by Mary G Mock, her dedication, professionalism, passion, enthusiasm and good nature as with all the teachers will  make your dancing experience one to remember. You have so many options of dance to choose from you can't go wrong. You will find the studio at a convienent location right on the Susquehanna Trail and near I-83. From a parent whose daughter took dance for 5 years, we would never go anywhere else. You'll walk away with a whole new passion for dance." -Beth H-S.  



"Seven  years ago, a little girl with a hearing disability came to MgM; that little girl just happened to be my daughter Mikala. She was treated like any other child- unlike at some other studios - and she learned to adapt and enjoy the art of all styles of dance. Not once was she held back or babied, but encouraged to do the best she could. Seven years later and many pictures and trophies later, I'm proud to say "We are MgM parents." My daughter hears now and still nothing has changed. Kudos to you, Mary Mock & Company! You have taught your teachers the meaning of caring for all children no matter what. I would always and do always recommend  MgM as the place to go for great teaching and wonderful people. This studio  has created a lifetime experience for our daughter and us."       -Mr & Mrs H .



"My daughter LOVES it here. All I hear every day is, "when are we going to dance class?" :)

Melynda R.



"MgM is a great dance studio with many different kinds of dance classes for all age groups. I knew Miss Mary as a young child, enrolled in her studio when it first opened, and continued to dance on one of the competition teams into high school. As a student at Towson University, I took several dance classes, including a class at a French University during my semester abroad.  All body types are welcomed and encouraged. I strongly believe that dance teaches lifelong lessons of body awareness, discipline, dedication, and artistic expression. I have even read that it improves your memory. Most importantly, it is FUN. You make friends for life."

Laura B.



"My daughter loves going to the dance classes! She used to do tap in MD and went through a few different activities once we moved here. So glad friends recommended MgM!"

Charlee T.

Everyone here is so great!! the staff,the kids, the parents. Just a great place. It like my second family!!!

Katie H

My daughter has been dancing at MGM for 12 years and she LOVES it!

Tammie S

Great instructiion and feels like family! Danced here for years.

Melissa H

Our granddaughter Sonja loves to go to dance class here. She loves her ijnstructors and has a lot of fun dancing. Great place for kids and parents.

Michael  R

My daughter is part of a competition group at MgM and loves it!!

Lauren B

My daughters have danced at MgM since they were 4. Both did competitive dance for most of that time. My oldest left for college this year with a substantial scholarship for dance. She wasn't planning on being a dance major before the university offered the scholarship. I credit MgM for the experience she received and my daughter for the hard work.

Rick S

Love it here! Miss those years and everyone that was there with me!

Kahla M


Mary & Julianne are geat

Regina T

"WE just wanted you to know what a wonderful job you did on Grandeeur of the Seas. We really enjoyed the show and were certainly proud of Shrewsbbury's representative on the cruise ship. Once again - you did an outstanding job. Keep up the hard work and dedication and who knows - someday you might be paid to perform"

Greg, Betti, Kelsei, & Adam S.

"It's more than just dance. It's about teamwork, friendship,dedication,building self-esteem,commitment and the memories. I love watching these girls grow into beautiful, self-confident dancers. Dazzling is a very talented group of young ladies."

Lauren B (mother)

"If you'r looking for  high quality  instruction that won't break the bank. MgM is the place foryou! Don't forget MgM has adult classes, too!!"

Marconi Kid South York PA

"I absolutely love MgM. They are a fantastic dance community centerrd around compassionate individuals!!"

Jennifer T

"Wonderful instructors and unforgetable memories at MgM!"

Jessica R

Hi! I attended the 1:30 performance of "A Night to Remember
on June 4th and totally enjoyed every minute of it! My two granddaughters Jenna and Makay did an excellant job as did all of the performers. T love the way the dance routines were alternated with regard to ages, music and type of dance. Many thanks to everyone for their hard work and dedication to the world of dance!!

Denise M

Our daughter's first solo performance was amazing!!! Thank you all so much for giving her the confidence and technique to go on stage by herself!! We love you all.

Kristine W

"We couldn't ask for a better dance studio with better people. Love everyone!!

Julie F

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