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Class Structure

MgM Dance Studio offers comprehensive and motivating programs to fit the need of all dance students of all ages and levels. Whether your child is taking dance for fun, recreation, exercise, or a professional career, we have a program for you. Our large selection of classes allow you to develop a personalized course of dance study. All classes are age and skill appropriate. Our level system is designed to accommodate the age and ability of a student. The five programs offered are as follows:     


Pre-School Classes: Introductory creative movement classes for ages 3-4. 

Combination Classes: These classes include combinations of ballet, tap and jazz to introduce the dancer to different disciplines


Recreational Classes: For the more serious dancer, our recreational classes focus on one discipline of dance. This program allows the recreational dancer to make the choice of dance she wishes and the serious dancer to take a bundle of dances starting with ballet.


Competition Classes: (more intensive program) for dedicated dance student.  


Adult classes: adult classes are offered during the year and are for all levels of experience.


 All classes are taught by qualified teachers with proper technique and discipline. 


Enrollment: The school year runs from September to June and all students should register at or near the beginning of the school year. The curriculum is based on the expectation that students will continue for the full year and participate in our June Recital. Participation however is not mandatory and is an individual decision. The Studio Manager however must know of your decision as deposits are required in September and costumes are ordered in December -January.


Class length and size: Classes must have at least four and are limited to 12 students. There may be an exception to the limit if there aren’t enough students to start another class. Smaller classes enhance teaching. Class time varies from 3/4 hour to 1 and 1/2 hour. The length of a class increases with age, interest and ability.


Tuition: MgM offers affordable and competitive tuition rates. Tuition is paid on a monthly basis and is due the first of each month except for the first payment which is due at registration.

Class Descriptions

Ballet: Ballet serves as the backbone of many styles of dance
It is a theatrical art form using stretching, turning, leaping, etc. to
convey a story or theme. Through the discipline of ballet students
improve in grace, strength, flexibility, and coordination.  Classes
consist of barre work, center and across the floor work.


Belly Dance: It is a unique form of dance characterized by sharp,
rolling movements of the hips and abdomen. 
A popular choice of dance by adults for fun and exercise.


Preschool Classes: A class for preschoolers which introduces the child to dance and where they will learn movement  in a fun way to build self-confidence, poise, balance and grace. Activities include movement  preparation , development of locomotive skills, rhythm, and basic dance steps. There are three classes - creative movement with ballet, tap or tumbling. Creative movement/ ballet seems to be the favorite. These youngster are a part of our ballet production.


Hip Hop: This class is great for students who just want to have fun! Hip Hop includes various moves such as breaking, popping, funk,  locking  etc. You will learn the latest moves that you see in music videos. An all boys class is also held which is quite popular.


Jazz:  It is an upbeat energetic form of dance using bold, dramatic body movements
.Students learn the technical aspects  such as flexibility, turns, jumps, and balance  done to jazz/modern music


Lyrical: A combination of jazz and ballet using face and body to express emotion to a piece of music. Music with lyrics is used and the emphasis is on balance, extension, and control as well as emotional expression.


Pointe: a form of ballet for advanced students on a special shoe,
which enables the student to raise her body on the tips of her toes.


Tap: A form of dance in which tap shoes are used to create rhythmic 
patterns with or without music. Tap focuses on intricate steps with upper body grace.
Emphasis is placed on the clarity of sounds and rhythm.


Acro: A class set up to help the student gain strength and flexibility to master acrobatic tricks. This class utilizes gymnastics and dance.

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