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Welcome - Adrenaline at MgM Dance Studio is a family and community oriented dance studio since 1995.  We provide quality dance education to Southern York County and Northern Maryland  in many disciplines including ballet, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical, musical theater, belly-dance, tumbling and hip-hop. We strive to maintain a fun and safe environment for dancers of all ages and abilities to flourish, feel at home and express the art of dance while achieving their own unique abilities and talents.

    What are the Benefits of a Dance Activity?

"It's more than dance. It's about teamwork, friendships,building self- esteem,committment memories. I love watching these girls grow into beautiful self-confident dancers. Dazzling is a very talented group of young ladies." Lauren B
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"MgM  is a great dance studio with many different kinds of dance classes for all ages. I knew Miss Mary as a young child enrolled in her studio when it first opened and continued to dance on one of the competition teams into high school. As a student at Towson I took several dance classes, including a class at a French University during my semester abroad. All body types are welcomed and encouraged. I strongly believe that dance teaches lifelong lessons of body awareness, discipline, dedication, and artistic expression. I have even read it improves memory. Most importantly, it is FUN. You make friends for Life!" Laura B
" MgM has mentored many young girls to become strong, independent and sucessful women. MgM offered many girls their first leadership role by being aides 0r teachers to the younger children!"Rick S

 Dance is not just for the aspiring professional performer. There is a place for the recreational dancer and these students can benefit  just as greatly from class. Dance helps children mature physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively.

According to a 21 year study of senior citizens in a report in the New England Journal of Medicine, it was reported that an education in the performing arts has shown to improve these  characteristics.


Reasons to participate in dance "Taken from the report" 


(1) Enhances ability to perform in front of an audience

(2) Learn to accept constructive criticism

(3) Improves posture and balance

(4) Helps increase self-esteem and confidence through mastering new skills

(5) Improves flexibility, coordination and strength which keeps muscles and joints health

(6) Improves creativity, self-expression and musicality

(7) Promotes stamina, good memory, and teaches grace, poise and self discipline

(8) Builds solid relationships, teamwork, communication, trust, cooperation

(9) Helps reduce stress levels

(10) Keeps both body and brain healthy

(11) Tight knit communities often lead to children becoming closer to "Dance Friends" than
        "School Friends"

(12) Has shown to reduce Alzheimer and dementia in old age                                                       


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