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Dress Rehearsal: Sunday May 22, 2022

Saturday Afternoon Show TBA

Sunday Show TBA

Recital Dates: Saturday June 11th at 1:30 PM & 12th at 1:30 PM , 2022

Dancers will only perform their class dance one time in one recital.  Classes that are just ballet will participate in the Sunday recital.  Other classes will participate in the Saturday recitals.  

Recital Information

          Please carefully review the Recital Guide in preparation for your dancer(s)' performance in MgM Dance Studio 2022 Recital.  The school where the recital will be held is Susquehannock High School.  The school address is 3280 Fissels Church Road, Glen Rock, PA 17327.  This guide is intended to serve as a resource to explain what is expected of our students in terms of commitment and responsibility to this years recital.  The recital gives each students a chance to shine in front of family and friends.  Each recital is treat as a professional performance that allows that students to present the results of a years hard work.  This guide is also to be used as a go-to resource for important dates and policies.  

Rehearsal and Recital Day Procedures

  • Participation in the dress rehearsal is mandatory if performing in the recital.  It allows the dancers to become familiar with the auditorium, stage, lighting, music and feel comfortable with their performance.  if your dancer(s) cannot attend the dress rehearsal please notify the Office and teachers as soon as possible.

  • Arrival Time-Please arrive no later then 30 minutes before the start of dress rehearsal or recital times.  During dress rehearsal please keep dancer(s) with you in the auditorium  until after announcements have been made.  During Recitall please keep dancer(s) with you in the auditorium  until four numbers before they perform.  

  • Student line up-  Students will iine up in the hallway with teacher(s) four numbers before their performance.  

  • Finale'-

    • On dress rehearsal day we will run through the finale' number first.  All dancers should arrive in their first cosume with hair and makeup complete.  Please remember students cannot wear tap shoes on stage for the finale dance.  After the dancers have performed their finale dance and all of the class dances on stage they may leave.  

    • On Recital Day  dancers will line up in the hallway four numbers before they perform.  This includes for the finale at the very end of the show.  After final comments have been made each dancer will recieve a trophy on their way off stage.  

Video Taping and Flash Photography 

There will be a videographer recording at all three performance should you wish to purchase  a DVD.

Order blanks will be available at rehearsals and performances.  No video taping or flash photography will be allowed during performances. However non-flash  photography will be permitted.


Planning Ahead 
Please remember that the recital isn't a one day activity. Gather all costumes , accessories, shoes, and make-up several days in advance so you'll know if anything is missing or needs attention.  Make a check list of your dancer's routines and refer to it to make sure you have all your supplies.
Bring an extra pair of tights, hair gel, hair nets, hair spray and bobby pins.
Other handy extras might be - baby wipes, baby powder, safety pins, clear nail polish ( t o repair minor holes or runs in tights), Band-Aids ( invisible) make-up remover and q-tips.

Please remember no underwear, jewelry, or nail polish on picture, rehearsal or recital day.
All  dancers must wear a cover-up when in the auditorium or lobby. Recital t-shirts are great for this.


Auditorium Etiquette 
Food and beverages  are not allowed in the auditorium.
Please snack in the lobby. Keep the noise level at a minimum. Dancers cannot hear the music, or perform to the best of their ability if it is noisy.

Dressing Room Etiquette 
Students must respect other student's space and property
There should be no food or drink near costumes
Students must pick up after themselves, and keep the dressing rooms organized and clean.

Recital T-shirt Order Form


recital order form t-shirt.jpg
Flower Order Form


Click Here to print order form

Recital Booklet Ads

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