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Picture Day Information

Date: TBA


Location: At Studio

Galeone Photography will our Photographer this year. 

If you wish to check them out their website is


Picture Day Procedures

  • Participation in the picture day is not mandatory.  

  • Arrival Time-Please arrive no later then 15 minutes before the picture time.  Remeber to have dancers dress and ready for their pictures. If help is needed please talk to the tacher before picture day and arrive earlier then scheduled time.  

  • Student line up-  Teachers will line the dancers up and they will get their group shot taken first.  They will then move to the next room to do an indivudial photo.  Parents are not allowed in the picture rooms as it is a distraction to the dancers and photographers.  



What does my child wear for picture day? 

            Dancers will wear their costumes, tights, hair, and light make-up for picture day.  In the picture album below are directions for what each class is wearing on picture day.  Any further questions feel free to ask the office or the dancers teacher.  


Does my child need make-up?

        Dancers do need make up because the flash of the camera can make their faces look pale or even ghostly.  Light make-up is always best for Picture day and darker for the Recital.  


Where do i purchase recital tights for my dancer?

        Recital tights can be purchased at the studio in the office.  We have ordered all tights needed for the dancers in their style and color.  

Costume Info


Each picture has color tights needed, make-up info, hair sytle, and what shoes each class needs for picture day, dress rehearsal and recital day.

PreBallet and TapSaturday
Beginner Tumbling Saturday
Advanced Tap
Intermediate Ballet
Beginner Ballet
CMBallet Thursday
Advanced Tumbling
TapandJazz 1
TapandJazz 2
Intermediate Tap
Intermediate Tumbling
Beginner Tumbling Tuesday
Starbursts Ballet
MAry Pointe
Sam Pointe - Copy
Ashtan Pointe Huntswomen - Copy
Jill Pointe - Copy
Megan pointe - Copy
Emma Pointe - Copy
CMBallet Monday
Moonbeams Jazz
Beginner Pointe
Moonbeams Lyrical
Solar Waves Lyrical
Solar Waves
Dazzling Stars Tap
Dazzling stars
Dazzling Stars Jazz
Dazzling Stars Ballet
Dazzling Stars Novelty
Star Dust Pantomime
Star Dust Tap
Star Dust Modern
Star Dust Jazz
Star Dust Tumbling
Starbursts Tap
Starbursts Ballet
Starbursts Tumbling
Starbursts Jazz
Shooting Stars Jazz
ShootingStars Lyrical
Ashtan Pointe Huntswomen
Snow White Pointe
Emma Pointe
Megan pointe
Sam Pointe
Jill Pointe
CMBallet Thursday
Beginner Ballet
Intermediate Ballet
CMBallet Saturday

Picture Day Schedule

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