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Our Teams

MgM is home to four award-winning competition teams as well as two beginner competition teams. Beginner competition is for the student who is committed to dance, and who wishes to gain more experience before entering the world of competitive dance.


Our four competition teams compete at three mandatory competitions per year, and our beginner competition teams compete once per year at local competitions. Our dancers in the beginner competition and competition dance groups are dedicated students who strive to perform at their absolute best in every class. Whether it is tap, jazz, or ballet, our dancers are prepared for anything. Our beginner competition and competition dance groups train our students to become professionals, to develop a healthy attitude towards competition, and instill in them a stronger sense of self-confidence. These teams are divided into age groups and level of ability. 


Shooting Stars

Ages 3 - 6



Ages 10 - 12

Star Dust
Ages 13 - 15


Dazzling Stars
Ages 13 - 15

Dazzling Star Dust
Ages 13-15


Beginner Competition: Solarwaves
Ages 9 - 13

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