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MgM Dance Studio  offers competition & performance centered classes to the students who show potential, are motivated to do his/her best, and who strive to be a team player. Competition students must also demonstrate a good attitude toward constructive criticism, have good attendance, be punctual, and have a healthy attitude toward competition. In the past few years, competition dance has become a  major activity in the dance world. It offers stage experience, a fun way to show one’s hard work, education by observing other students from other areas, life-long friendships with students from other studios, and, most importantly, self-confidence.  


In competition dance, there are countless opportunities to share the students' talents by performing at local functions (nursing homes,women's clubs etc.) as well as places such as Disney World, Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruises. Admission to these classes is by invitation and audition which takes place during the summer session.  Once in a group, a student does not necessarily remain in that group for his/her entire schooling. A student moves at his/her own rate of development .   


Students in this program are exposed to all disciplines of dance. They take  jazz, tap, ballet, stretch and strength, and choreography classes. In addition many take other classes, solos or duos. Their education is expanded by the opportunity to study other styles of dance by attending workshops  given by guest teachers or going to advertised workshops. The Groups are committed to two mandatory competitions a year, although others may be attended.  Competition / performance students are divided into  different competition  groups . This is done by age and skill.  Students  take  from 2 to 6 hours of class a week depending on their age.










The Life of a Dazzling Star Team
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